Laura is an artist, illustrator and designer located in the Scottish Highlands. Specialising in a wide range of applications such as acrylic, watercolour, ink, digital and mixed media, she uses landscape, culture and colour as inspiration to produce expressive, emotive and thought provoking work in the form of original paintings and illustrations for private and commercial clients worldwide.

Laura's artistic career draws on experience from over 10 years, painting and illustrating an organic expression from the stimulus she is exposed to. Laura manipulates the style of her application to suit the brief of the client whilst retaining her distinctive style and personality.

Utilizing a broad spectrum of media and tools, Laura's artwork and illustrations are emotive, engaging and thought provoking, enticing the viewer to look and feel with all bodily senses. Each piece produced culminates with confidence, emotion and energy.

Laura spends her time away from the studio enjoying a variety of activities such as reading, investigating the history and psychology of art, playing musical instruments, participating in sport and embracing travel and culture with friends and family.